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Drink / Vegan-Friendly

The Beet

The Best Vegan Rosé Wines Under $25

Nothing signifies the start of summer quite like a nice cold glass of rosé while sunning outside on a warm day. These days, rosé is abundant and can be found in just about ...

Business / Plant-Based


The VegTech Sector is Proving That Meat & Dairy May Soon be Obsolete

Twenty years ago, you would be lucky to walk into the supermarket and find soymilk on the shelf. If ...

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Travel / Lifestyle

LOCALE Magazine

10 Reasons We’re Packing Our Bags and Moving to San Diego’s Little Italy

Little Italy is undeniably one of the hottest ‘hoods in San Diego right now. With luxury housing options, an incredible ...

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Health / Business

The Beet

We Found The Healthiest    Vegan Chips You Won't Want To Live Without

There are few things better than popping open a bag of chips and biting into some salty deliciousness. The only problem is, ...

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CBD / Health / Trends

The Beet

Try  These 5 CBD Products for Better Sleep and Reduced Anxiety

Sleep is a critical part of maintaining your health—we know that. How to get a good night's sleep is a whole other story. You may  ...

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The Beet

Beyond the Beef: The Biggest Plant-Based Trends to Watch in 2020

Plant-based beef had a phenomenal 2019 with the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat exploding into the mainstream ...

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Cannabis / Veg-Friendly / Travel

LOCALE Magazine

See Why Klover’s the Hottest New Joint in San Diego

Since California legalized recreational cannabis use in 2017, West Coast cities have become home to a burgeoning experience-first cannabis scene ...

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Travel / Cannabis / Veg-Friendly

LOCALE Magazine

Your Green-Inspired Travel Guide to the Best Places in Santa Barbara

Searching for your next weekend adventure? Escape to LA’s neighbor to the north, Santa Barbara, where the tide washes in a heavy ...

Food / Veg-Friendly

SD Entertainer

7 Hotspot Coffee Shops with Vegan Options

These days, a coffee shop demands so much more than just a hot cup of brew: Ambiance, pastry selection, scene, service, seating options…and its ability...

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Food / Veg-Friendly

LOCALE Magazine

Whether it’s a date night or a night out on the town with the crew, you want to kick off the evening with an epic dinner spot. And maybe your night out is the dinner spot...

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Vegan / Environment / Health

LA Progressive

Today, people around the planet are celebrating World Vegan Day. Why should you care you ask? There are many reasons we highlight below, but most ...

Vegan / California Legislation

LA Progressive

With a little more than two months until the November 2018 midterm elections, animal advocates, and really anyone that cares about where their ...

Vegan / Los Angeles

The Beet

The Best Veggie Burgers in LA are in the Last Place You'd Look

Los Angeles has long been known as a haven for plant-based food: From fine dining to food trucks, delicious plant-forward fare is likely at ...

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Travel / Wine / Vegan-Friendly

VegOut Magazine

Vegan-Friendly Wine Tasting 

From LA to Santa Barbara

No one would dispute that California has one of the best climates in America—maybe even the world ...

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Drink / Veg-Friendly

The Beet

The Best Vegan Sparkling Wines & Champaign to Serve This Holiday Season

There is no celebratory drink more quintessential than Champagne. But these days, bubbly is for much more than special ...

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Health / Business

The Beet

Immunity-Boosting Wellness Shot Co., Vive Organics, Raises $13 Million

Vive Organic, makers of cold-pressed wellness shots, announced the closing of a $13-million Series B funding round ... ...

Food / News

VegOut Magazine

Ripple Foods Launches Digital Storefront: Rich and Creamy Plant-Based Milk Delivered 

Stocking up on your beloved plant milk, without even going to the store, just got a whole lot easier...

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VegOut LA


It seems like every week a new vegan fast food spot is coming onto the LA scene—great, keep those Impossible Burgers coming! But for ...

Foodie / Veg-Friendly

The Beet

Exclusive: The Four Seasons launches new vegan-friendly menu

Guests and visitors of one of Santa Barbara’s most coveted luxury resorts, the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, have ...

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Entertainment / Veg-Friendly

Documentary ‘The Game Changers’ Makes Compelling Case for Plant-Based Nutrition for Athletes

Did you know that almost half the Tennessee Titans football players are on a plant-based diet? And one of the...

Animal Rights / California

LA Progressive

Horse Racing Controversy in California Heats Up

The horse racing season is alive and well in Southern California; but for many, the focus has been on the rampant horse deaths becoming commonplace...

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Fashion / Cruelty-Free


Here's something to get excited about: People are increasingly acknowledging that wearing animal fur is unethical and thus extremely unfashionable...

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Cruelty-Free Living / Fashion

Vegan Magazine

The holidays are here (yay!) and so too is the perfect opportunity to support vegan, cruelty-free and ethical brands. Regardless of if you have a vegan on ...

Vegan / California Legislation

LA Progressive

In April 2018, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) celebrated the attainment of 600,000 signatures solidifying its Prevent ...

Trees From Above

Nutrition Studies

5 Climate Change Crisis Facts That Will Inspire Your Green Journey

How much plastic actually gets recycled? How many species go extinct each day? What is the greatest way humans can fight climate change? ...


LOCALE Magazine

Ti Amo, Little Italy!

From luxe living to chef-driven dining and bayfront access, Little Italy has it all.

Little Italy is undeniably one of the hottest 'hoods in San Diego right now....

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Gift Guide / Eco-Friendly

The Beet

12 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Vegan Gift Ideas for the Planet-Lover 

The best gift you can give this year is the gift of sustainability. Holiday shopping and gift giving can feel excessive ...

Cannabis / Trends


Cities Declare Cannabis An 'Essential Business'  

If there is any good news coming out of the coronavirus crisis, it may be city officials' decision to classify cannabis as an "essential business."  With the ...

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News / Policy

The Beet

California Just Got Sued For Failing to Add Meat To Its Carcinogen List You might be shocked (or pleasantly surprised depending on your views) to learn that processed meat has been classified  ...

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VegOut Magazine


Just in time for winter, here are some of the best ethical and fashionable faux furs around. Check out these six brands—and corresponding rock star quality faux fur ...

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Wine / Veg-Friendly

The Beet

Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Healthiest Wines: Vegan, Organic and Low in Sugar, in Time for the Holidays

In a world where wine is considered a "healthy" drink, how do you ensure ...

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Food / Veg-Friendly

SD Entertainer

Best San Diego Restaurant Week Dinner Menus for Vegetarians & Vegans

With San Diego Restaurant Week (SDRW) in full swing, vegetarians and vegans can be hard-pressed to participate in the ...

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Food / Veg-Friendly

LOCALE Magazine

Newly Elevated Fast-Casual Foodie Spot in Carlsbad

The once sleepy town of Carlsbad has experienced a food renaissance over the last few years. From veg...

Vegan / L.A. Legislation

LA Progressive

Veg-heads in Los Angeles are rejoicing over a proposed law that would require large-scale public venues to serve at least one plant-based protein ...

Vegan / California Legislation

LA Progressive

SB 1138, a bill in California likely to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown, will require California hospitals and prisons to offer at least one healthy vegan ...