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Welcome to your Life's Alternate Route

Life's Alternate Route is a home for supporting and inspiring your life journey to be a smarter, healthier and more conscious consumer. For an elevated resource delivering vegan-friendly lifestyle topics from dining to style to travel and more, Life's Alternate Route is for you.

To all the veg-curious, adventure-hungry, planet- and animal-lovers, travel enthusiasts and trendsetters...Life's Alternate Route has you covered.


Meet Anna

Hi, I'm Anna, a plant-food, planet-first and conscious-consumer enthusiast. Being a freelance writer and journalist covering vegan-friendly lifestyle, I am constantly researching, discovering and sampling products; finding new experiences and veg-friendly adventures; and learning about the latest research and technology related to plant-based food. I hope to use Life's Alternate Route as a vehicle to inform and educate no matter where one might be on their life's journey. 

I grew up in LA in a red meat-free and nearly dairy-free household. At that time, there was one type of soymilk on the shelf at the local health food store, and there were only a few veggie burgers to choose from (none of which remotely resembled or could pass as a meat replacement). My friends were perplexed that we weren’t cooking up hamburgers for dinner, and that we didn’t have cow's milk for cereal in the morning. Today, this lifestyle needs no explanation and people increasingly understand that reducing reliance on animal-based products is better for the environment, the animals and human health.

It has been incredible to witness the shift of both consumers and businesses and how far we’ve come; and while it seems like we are at an inflection point, in many ways it also feels as though this is just the beginning. If you’ve found this site, it means you are at the forefront of this incredible shift.

I am still learning every day about being a better consumer for the planet, but what I do know is that while we are here on this magnificent Earth, we have a responsibility to do our part and make better more informed choices—not doing what's convenient or easy or the social norm, but taking an alternate route. 

(More about my background and expertise, + info for brands that would like to work with me here.)


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Meet The Team

Lilli Keeve

Photographer. Writer. 

Anna Keeve

Founder. Writer.

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