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The ultimate vegan product guide

An introduction to veg-living, and a best-of vegan guide to FOOD, BEAUTY, FASHION, & DRINK.

Hi, I’m Anna, a veg-living enthusiast and freelance writer and journalist—and founder of the Life's Alternate Route blog—covering all things vegan, plant-based, and eco-friendly. I'm also certified in plant-based nutrition.


This guide is for anyone exploring a veg-friendly lifestyle—whether you are vegan and want some fresh tips and recommendations, or perhaps you are veg-curious looking to learn some fundamentals of plant-based or veg-centric living.


As a freelance journalist and writer covering this space, I sample TONS of products. Wading through product labels, scrutinizing ingredients and materials, sussing out sustainability, and interviewing company founders and experts, I have done the hard work to cut through the marketing jargon, influencer hype and Instagram ads and discover products that are really exceptional...and are made by people who really care about making better-for-the-planet, and better-for-you products.


Thank you for letting me help keep your veg-friendly living informed and inspired.

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