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The best store-bought vegan cookies I can't live without

As a journalist and product reviewer, I sample a lot of plant-based / vegan brands...including cookies, which are one of my favorite things. You could end time baking vegan cookies from scratch, but sometimes you just need a store-bought cookie to have on hand when your sweet tooth strikes. Here is a quick list of my favorite vegan cookies:

Maya's Cookies: @mayascookiessandiego is my favorite fresh baked order-online-and-have-shipped-anywhere cookie brand. This Black-owned and woman-owned cookie brand makes for a great gift that you can ship to anyone in the US and even have a personalized note included.

Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies: @uncleeddiesvegancookies are the OG vegan cookie brand. Their oatmeal chocolate chip, and the peanut butter chocolate chip are to die for!

Partake Foods: @partakefoods is a newer player in the packaged cookie game — they make all allergy-free cookies. Their cookies are so impressive that Jay-Z even invested in this female- and black-owned brand that Great for kids, or snacking as they are small and crispy.

Lenny & Larry's: @lennyandlarrys is almost like a nutrition bar cookie and my favorite when traveling or on the go.

Sweet Loren's: @sweetlorens makes ready to bake cookie dough — love the chocolate chip flavor and perfectly sized and portioned. Make little cookie ice cream sandwiches with them for a dessert hit.

Tate's Bakes Shop: @tatesbakeshop cookies seem to have been everywhere on the shelf at grocery stores. Now, they have vegan options! And they are tasty and delicious, light and crispy.



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