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The best restaurants to eat vegan in Portland in 2023

vegan eating options in Portland, Oregon
Anna Keeve at Harlow restaurant in Portland

When it comes to the best vegan restaurants in Portland, the city offers a vibrant food scene that caters to all preferences. Portland consistently ranks as the best vegan city in the world, based on the number of vegan-friendly restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for fast-casual cafes, food trucks, or upscale dining experiences, this city has it all. It even boasts the world's first vegan strip club, Casa Diablo. With so many options, I've curated a list of top vegan spots that you must visit during your culinary adventure in Portland.

AVIV: Unforgettable vegan flavors in a rustic-chic setting. AVIV stands out as one of Portland's premier vegan establishments, offering an exceptional fusion of Israeli-inspired fare in a charming rustic-chic ambiance. With an array of small plates perfect for sharing, AVIV caters to both meat lovers and veg-heads. Explore their diverse selection of hummus varieties, and make sure to try the baba ganoush and the tantalizing Truffle Mac & Cheese. Don't miss their delightful Falafel Plate and "Shawarma" made with soy chorizo.

Harlow Cafe + Juice Bar: Nestled in the vibrant Hawthorne area of Portland, Harlow is a beloved restaurant that caters to both health-conscious diners and vegans seeking nourishing and delicious meals. With its inviting atmosphere and commitment to using fresh, organic ingredients, Harlow has become a go-to spot for plant-based dining. Their menu boasts an impressive range of vegan options, ensuring that vegans can savor a variety of flavorful dishes. From their hearty Buddha Bowls brimming with vibrant vegetables and nutrient-packed grains to their delectable vegan pancakes and tempeh bacon for brunch, Harlow's dedication to crafting wholesome plant-based cuisine shines through. With a focus on nourishment and flavor, Harlow invites guests to indulge in their culinary creations that are both satisfying and health-conscious. Whether you're looking for a nourishing breakfast, a vibrant lunch, or a satisfying dinner, Harlow is the perfect destination for a delightful vegan dining experience in Portland. After dining, you can walk around the eclectic Hawthorne strip and explore some of the neat second-hand shops, coffee shops, bookstores and more!

Fermenter (which took over Farm Spirit): Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, Fermenter is a renowned vegan restaurant that celebrates the art of fermentation. With a focus on creative and flavor-packed fermented dishes, Fermenter offers a unique dining experience for vegans and fermentation enthusiasts alike. The menu is a testament to the transformative power of fermentation, featuring a wide array of dishes crafted with fermented vegetables, tempeh, miso, and more. From tangy sauerkraut to rich and savory tempeh bowls, each dish at Fermenter is thoughtfully prepared to highlight the complex and delightful flavors that fermentation brings. The restaurant's commitment to sustainability is evident not only in its menu but also in its sourcing of local and organic ingredients. Whether you're a fan of fermented foods or simply looking for a culinary adventure, Fermenter promises a memorable and delicious dining experience in the vibrant food scene of Portland.

Virtuous Pie: Creative pizzas and casual vibes. If you're looking for a laid-back pizza joint with innovative flavors, Virtuous Pie is a must-visit. Their thin-crust style pizzas are a true delight, accompanied by a range of salads and side dishes. Order a variety of pizzas and salads to share family-style with your group. With wine and beer on draft, it's the perfect spot to relax. Be prepared for limited seating, so have someone secure a table while you wait in line to order. Don't leave without trying their famous Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza, perfect for sharing.

Blossoming Lotus: Blossoming Lotus is a beloved vegan restaurant known for its flavorful and nourishing plant-based dishes. With a focus on organic and locally-sourced ingredients, they offer a diverse menu featuring a variety of cuisines, including Asian-inspired bowls, raw food options, and delectable desserts. Don't miss their famous Dragon Bowl and their heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut Torte.

Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ: Craving some hearty comfort food? Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ is the place to be. This vegan BBQ joint serves up an impressive array of smoky, savory, and satisfying dishes, including pulled "pork" sandwiches, "beef" brisket, and delicious macaroni and cheese. Their veganized barbecue classics are sure to impress both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Sweet Hereafter: Sweet Hereafter is a vibrant, hip, vegan bar and restaurant known for its lively atmosphere and delicious food and drinks. Their menu features an array of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, and salads, all made with fresh, plant-based ingredients. Pair your meal with one of their creative cocktails or indulge in their delectable vegan ice cream sundaes.

These are just a few of the top vegan restaurants in Portland that showcase the city's thriving plant-based culinary scene. Each of these establishments offers a unique dining experience and a wide range of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy any vegan—and really any non-vegan—food lover.

Other Notable Mentions in Portland's Vegan Scene: While I could write a book about Portland's plant-forward food offerings, here are a few honorable mentions. Top Burmese offers mouthwatering Burmese vegan cuisine, while Next Level Burger provides customizable burgers with options for mock meat or true plant-based patties. Don't miss a visit to Voodoo Donuts for a late-night snack or breakfast treat. And for a unique shopping experience, explore the Vegan Mini Mall, a block featuring Sweetpea Baking Company, Portland's first vegan bakery, Food Fight! Grocery, an all-vegan grocery store, and Herbivore Clothing, a fashion boutique with a wide range of vegan accessories and gifts.

When it comes to vegan dining, Portland truly shines with its diverse and extraordinary culinary offerings. Explore these top vegan spots and embrace the vibrant plant-based scene that makes this city a haven for food enthusiasts.



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